Bells Beach 
North Point Underwater 
Life's a Beach 
2 x 1.1 m

Low Tide - Pt Roadnight
1 x 0.6 m
Swiss Alps above the clouds
Winkipop Sunrise 
2.3 x 0.8 m
Corrugated Beachbreak 1.8 x 0.8 m 
Fishos beach Storm Swell 2x0.8m
Winner 2014 Surfcoast Calendar Art Competition - People's Choice Awards  
Hollow Tubes 
1 x 0.45 m
Electric ocean floor 
1 x 1.5 m
Bunjil the Creator over Bells Beach. 
Compilation painting with Torquay Artist  Nathan Patterson. 
1.2 x 0.8m 
Castle Cove 
2.3 x 0.8m 
Injidup beach.
 2 x 1.1m textured acrylic on canvas 
2 x 1.1m 
Dolphin Fin Rocks 
7 ft Single fin Surfboard 
Wine barrel beach Port hole view
Yallingup Sweep
Sunset Suck 2.3x0.85m 
Bunker Bay Surfboard
Southwest Sunset Wine Barrel 
Dolphins of Esperance 
Fremantle Sailing 
1.3 x 0.8m acrylic on canvas 
Sand break. 1x0.5m
3D Carved Barrel with textured acrylics nd green light coming from the barrel. 
Dream Sunset 
2.3 x 0.85
North Point Sunset
2 x 0.9m
Local seascapes exhibition Apr 2014
Castle Rock Clouds 
2 x 0.95 m
Two Rocks 
2 x 0.95m 
Inviting south west sunset
2 x 0.8m 
High tide 
GOLD Coast
Smoking Sunset 
Crystal Clear Sea
Wind sweep 
All the colors 
Windswept ocean 0.8x0.4m 
Custom outdoor art
3 bears surf break 
Bells beach windmill 
Save Our Spit 
Hands off our waves
Calm before the storm 
3x1.5m massive! 
Skate half pipe 
Torquay Fisho's
7.5x2m half pipe 
Torquay Christmas Trees
Saw Lines. 
60cm diameter saw mill blade
Beach break barrels
Tube from a surfers eye 
Sheoak frame 50x52cm
Purple Haze 
Marri frame 140x77cm 
Margaret River Sunset 
Looking through a limestone cave (rusted corrugated iron)
Golden glow 
Purple rain 
12 Apostles Sunset
Bells Beach 
South west Beachies 
Yallingup. A surfers perspective 
Margaret river. 2x1m jarrah frame
Drop in the ocean 
Through the Ocean. 
Margaret river Forest in a wine barrel lid 
Wine makes waves in margaret river 
2.3 x 0.9m 
Shallow Sweep 
Lighthouse storm. Photographer Ed Sloane
High Tide 
Life's a beach. 
Sand pool 2x1m 
Kitchen Splashback 1.85x0.7m 
Rainbow disco barrel. Carved surfboard
Behind the dunes 1.4x1m 
Sand Bar 2x1m 
Scarborough Whirlpool Mural
Fire in the sky. 1.2x0.8m 
Pacific blue 2.3x0.9m 
Sandy Beach Barrel 2.5 x 0.9m 
Lightening strikes 2 X 0.9m 
Sand Bank 2.3x0.9m 
Australia on corrugated iron 
Pt Pk 1.6x0.9m 
Commissioned art to match 
Island time 2.3x0.9m 
Waves everywhere 1.92x0.84m 
Purple haze 1.92x0.84m 
Crystal clear wave. Photographer w.mungermann
Sunset red 2x1m
Endless Summer - the movie colors on corrugated 
Tornado 2x1m
High tide 1.8x2.4m 
Submarine porthole view 
Acrylic on wine barrel lid
School of fish by Stephen Draper in my underwater painting 3x1.8m 
Busy At Work. 
Point break 2x1m 
Blue Wave 
Front page of Margaret River Augusta Mail 
At work Outside 
Cape Naturaliste wine barrel lid 
Windy West Oz 2x1m 
Stormy Sea 2.3x0.9m 
Deep turquoise 2.3x0.9m 
Margaret River Pro 1.6x0.9m Jarrah frame 
Sunset Sets 1.8x0.85m corrugated 
Meelup Surfboard 7ft 
Ningaloo Reef2x1m 
Lightening Strikes 2x1m 
Mumma Bears 2x1m 
Moses Rock 2x1m 
Drawing you in 2.3x0.9m 
West oz sunset 2.3x0.9m 
Super Sandy Barrels 1.5 x0.75m 
Meelup Calm 2x1m 
Storm Froth 2x1m 
Bells Shorebreak 2x1m 
Corrugated beach break 2.4x0.85m 
Point break surf
Paradise 2.3x0.9m 
Lightening Strikes 2.3x0.9m 
Dune grass 2x1m 
Sunset lightening 2x1m 
Underwater light show 
Pipeline hawaii
Sunset sets on mini corrugated iron 
Margaret River Artists book. 
Underwater Mural 
Shore break dumper 2x1m 
Fire Sky 2.3x0.9m 
Beach break blackbutt Frame 2.2x1.1m 
Palm deck 
A Frame 
Moonshine 2.3x0.9m 
Wild West 2x1m
Corrugated waves in merbau 1.6x1.1m 
Beach o'clock on corrugated iron  1.1x0.4m 
Golden lines 70x100cm
Silver shine 90x60cm on aluminum 
Underwater silver shine 90x60cm 
Mexican Pipe 
Great ocean rd silver shine 60x90cm 
Sunset sets on corrugated 
Williamstown marooned
Curved corrugated left handers 
Curved island dreams 
Pink sky at night 
Turquoise sets in driftwood 
Torquay Point surfboard 
Fisho’s 90x60cm aluminum 
Wine barrel painting
Deep Indian Ocean 
Bells beach sunrise
Wine barrel ring framed corrugated point break 75vm dia 
Perfect Sunset Peaks 
Pink and silver glow 90x60cm aluminium 
Dune grass 
Crystal blue 120x55cm aluminium 
Ocean Flow.  90 x 60cm 
Fbeach from above 35x75cm
Underwater staircase commission
Large underwater Reeflection 3x1.1m
Sunset point break 
Lifes a beach 75x45cm
Eastern View 3x1.1m 
Surf foam from above 75x45cm
Crystal clear from above 90x60cm 
Sunrise barrel 120x70cm on aluminium 
Sunset sailing 90x60cm
Sunset whale Tail 90x60 on Aluminium 
Purple flow 120x60cm on aluminium 
Peninsula Surf 90x60cm 
Purple sky haze 120x60cm 
Lightening strikes custom corrugated 4.4x1.1m 
Coffee waves on mini corrugated 
Silver metallic reflections 2x1m 
From the dunes 
At work 
GT Magazine 2020
GT Magazine 2020
Beach Hall Table 
Norfolk Pine resin Slab 
My brother in a barrel at Point Addis 
Kombi at Fishos 
Silver shine on corrugated poly 
Torquay point in Sorrento 
Coffee table using Aussie oak 
Beach resin upcycled seat 

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